3pm- In 2016, many on the left, including Larry Wilmore, The Huffington Post, and Salon.com, blamed Otto Warmbier for being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor and not the North Korean state that unjustly detained him. 

3:40pm- During today’s White House press briefing, Sean Spicer addressed North Korea and the death of Otto Warmbier.

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3:45pm- On CBS This Morning, South Korean President Moon Jae-in was asked whether or not he thought Kim Jung-un is a madman. 

3:50pm- President Trump stated that Otto Warmbier should have been brought back sooner and that what happened was a disgrace. 

3:55pm- According to Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer gained weight and will be spending less time on camera as a result.

4pm- Today, Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel will go head to head in a congressional runoff election in Georgia’s 6th District. A record $60 million has been spent on the race.

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4:20pm- Last night on CNN, Don Lemon warned two guests that if they continued to talk over him he would end the segment. 

4:40pm- In the past, Sen. Bernie Sanders has blamed right wing rhetoric for violence. Last weeks shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise was carried out by a Sanders campaign volunteer.

5:20pm- During the latest episode of his web series, Keith Olbermann stated that Trump is self destructing.

5:35pm- On The View, Whoopi Goldberg compared Cuba’s human rights violations to the current state of affairs in the U.S.

5:45pm- While appearing on Fox News, Sen. Ted Cruz said that no one outside of Washington D.C. cares about the Trump/Russia investigation. 

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