By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Bill Cosby sexual assault trial was closely followed by the public, and by members of the legal profession. Two local criminal law experts weighed-in on the outcome.

Dennis McAndrews, a prosecutor in the John DuPont murder trial, says he didn’t expect the Cosby case to end in a mistrial, although knew it would be challenging for the jury.

“The prosecution had Cosby’s own words that took him up to the very precipice of criminality, yet the defense had the ongoing contacts between the victim and the defendant that would certainly give a jury at least some reason to think carefully about he situation,” he said.

‘Hopelessly Deadlocked’: Judge Declares Mistrial In Cosby Sex Assault Case

Villanova University law school Professor Emeritus Anne Poulin says the mistrial tells us that some of the jurors were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of Cosby’s guilt.

“The others on the jury might have just been not persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt, although they were leaning in that direction, or there might’ve been members of the jury who were arguing in favor of acquitting,” she said.

Poulin says the District Attorney’s decision to retry the case was to be expected.

“In most instances, the prosecution is going to take that case to trial again,” she said.

So far, no date has been set for the retrial.

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