Delco Woman Launches Pureed Meal Business

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Delaware County mom launched a startup that is helping people with certain illnesses maintain a healthy weight.

Colleen McClosky loves to cook.

But what you see, and smell in this case, is actually what you get. For the most part.

McClosky is founder of Elite Puree Meals. Instead of lumps of pureed meats and vegetables, she cooks the food, purees it, and molds it resemble the real thing.

“You really eat with your eyes, and when people see that the peas look like peas, carrots like carrots, and the meat looks like meat, they are more apt to eat the meals,” McClosky explained.

Clients pay $7-$10 for frozen packaged meals which can be heated up in minutes.

“And it looks beautiful on the plate,” said McClosky.

McCloskey with samples of her pureed meals. (credit: Cherri Gregg)

Devastated by divorce, McClosky started her business three years ago while working as a home health aide.

“I didn’t have a car, I lived in a one bedroom apartment, I had a child to raise,” she said.

She got a business degree at Delaware County Community College while serving clients who once refused to eat, watching them regain their health.

“I couldn’t find food to eat without having a milkshake,” said Margie Powers.

Powers’ food options were limited because of thyroid issues; but she loves the look and taste of these meals, especially…

“The steak, because you can’t eat steak when you can’t chew or swallow,” she said.

Elite Puree Meals is now growing, winning award after award, even money, for this innovative idea that transforms lives through good looking food.

“That’s what it’s really about, it’s about quality of life,” McCloskey said.

That, and the good feeling that comes when doing something you love brings joy.