By Cleve Bryan

LINDENWOLD, N.J. (CBS) – After one of the rainiest months of May on record, Camden County is ramping up their efforts to control the mosquito population.

Officials invited the media Thursday to see their expanded distribution center of mosquito-eating minnows.

Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez, the county health liaison, says the spread of the Zika virus through mosquitoes hasn’t happened yet but it is possible by the end of the summer.

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“Well it hasn’t gotten here yet, we’re just beginning the season but it’s always a real possibility it can happen,” Rodriguez says.

Camden County plans to distribute more than 200,000 fathead minnows throughout the county and to neighboring counties this summer.

Each fish can eat hundreds of mosquito larvae in a single day.

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Officials ask the public to help the spread of mosquito-transmitted disease like Zika and West Nile by dumping rain water in their yard, wearing insect repellent and reporting nuisance areas like abandoned pools.

If you  live in Camden County you can report problems near your home online using this link.