By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– A lot is going on in the historic district to celebrate Flag Day and the 242nd birthday of the U.S. Army, Wednesday.

“When our nation’s flag is raised and we play our national anthem; every single time I hear that I get a tingle down my spine,” Major General Troy Kok said.

Flag raising ceremonies at the Betsy Ross House and the Constitution Center kick off the red, white and blue colored celebration, featuring a parade, skydivers and much more.

Betsy Ross herself was there to show visitors how to sew a flag.

“It is linen thread that I shall be using,” she said as visitors crowded the national constitution center.

Patricia Coyne, with the Philadelphia Flag Day Association, says the Stripes and Stars Festival is a great way to honor the symbol of our nation.

“Something perhaps many of us take for granted. We see it, not only flying from post offices but sometimes on T-shirts and bags and we want to remind people how important it is, the sacrifices made,” Coyne said.

And much of that sacrifice, she says, is from those who fought for the country. And so, the event also celebrates the Army’s birthday as well.

There’s also a naturalization ceremony, which Coyne says is fitting.

“The flag is our common bond. Use it to create new relationships,” said Coyne.

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Vittoria Woodill