By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Cue Glenn Frey, because the heat is on…or at least, it continues!

Our streak of 90+ degree days persisted into the work week, and the Delaware Valley may have several new numbers for the record books before long. Tuesday marks the peak of the heat, but Monday afternoon highs will flirt with (if not tie) several records. Ninety-five is the number to beat in Philadelphia for both June 12th and 13th.

Please take extra care not to leave kids or pets in your vehicle. With its own little greenhouse effect, your car’s interior can heat up 40 degrees in an hour. In 95 degree heat like this, a car’s inside temperature hits 114 degree in just 10 minutes!

Aside from air temperatures, you’ll want to keep a few other weather variables in mind.

Dew points – thankfully, they’re not terribly high Monday, but they’ll start to creep up Tuesday into the mid 60’s. So in tandem with scorching sunshine, the humidity becomes even more sweltering.

Air quality – this is an important one particularly if you fall into the “Sensitive” category (kids, elderly, respiratory illness sufferers). The current higher pollution levels can take a real toll on our health. Take it easy out there, and avoid the sun at the height of the day (10am-4pm).

Spotty Precip – a stray shower or thunderstorm will likely pop in a few spots late Tuesday afternoon to help cool off a few communities. While anyone is fair game, not everyone will get hit and you’ll have the best chance to see precip from Philly on north.

Beyond Tuesday, a back door cold front drops in to scale back the worst of the heat. By Wednesday, we’re back to the mid 80’s, and Thursday and Friday likely won’t rebound past the 70’s! However, the bright sunny forecast also goes somewhat downhill with more clouds and increasing potential for showers or a few storms toward week’s end.

Stay cool!