By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  It’s Disability Pride Week, a time to recognize Philadelphians with disabilities. And to mark the occasion, Philadelphia city officials gathered Monday in front of City Hall to raise the Disability Pride Flag.

City Councilman Al Taubenberger says it’s the city duty to make sure all of its residents feel welcome.

“Folks that have disabilities want to be like everybody else,” he said. “They want to have the chance to go to work and live a relatively normal life as we all do. It is our obligation to do so.”

Many of the people with disabilities who came to the flag raising ceremony say this week is, in part, to show how far they’ve come in their fight for equality, and to highlight how much further they have to go.

“It’s not only about pride, but it’s about awareness, as well,” say Anomie, a disabled woman who attended the ceremony, “and an event like this brings all different communities together for that kind of awareness.”

“I think it’s really a great thing to show that the city is trying to be more inclusive and trying to serve people with disabilities,” said Charles Horton, the director for the Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities.

During Disability Pride Week, there will be an art day, a disability movie screening and a parade.

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