By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s nothing like a pizza party to help you digest the feeling of hope, the one thing you should never let go of.

This is exactly the message  Greg Hedler, a 13-year licensed clinical social worker at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is sharing with families of children diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma.

“The idea of hope has been implanted in me from the very beginning,” he said.

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Families like the Salernos are counting on hope but also funding and research.

Hope comes in a variety of forms and experiences with many parents of ill children saying, “I hope this isn’t true,” Hedler explained.

“I hope this isn’t the path that’s ahead for us. And they sit and wait during the diagnosis period and then when the reality comes that they are diagnosed with cancer, the hope evolves into I hope the treatment course goes smoothly and as quickly as possible.”

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Unfortunately, there are times when patients are not able to obtain a cure.

An the hope changes again; it comes in the form of clinical trials and how to hope for the longest lifespan for a child.

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