By Alexandria Hoff

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS)–A 6-year-old remains in critical condition at A.I. duPont’s Children’s Hospital after he and his mother were shot in Wilmington Tuesday afternoon.

“I heard the gunshots inside, like five or six and came outside to see what was happening and the detective went over and showed me my car,” said Darrel Price, who around 2:30 p.m. saw the indentation of a large bullet in the frame of his car.

The bullet’s impact shattered Price’s back window.

Neighbor’s soon shuttered to think of what an impact like that would do to a child because feet away on the 700 block of E 6th Street another vehicle sat with shattered windows. A small shoe laid next to it.

“I was still on the phone when they pulled up,” said witness Rich Yarnall, “It was chaos.”

According to Wilmington police, when officers responded to reports of gunshots in the block, they found two victims; a 6-year-old with a gunshot wound to the head and the boy’s 31-year-old mother, who had been shot in the arm.

They were struck by a spray of bullets that battered the block. According to witnesses, shots were fired out of a pick-up truck, perhaps by more than one person.

“It just sounded like firecrackers. I turned around for a split second and then I saw the guy with his hand out the window with the gun shooting and heard the shell casings hitting even as they pulling away,” said Yarnall, who added that he refuses to be silenced by fear in such events.

Yarnall believes that his typically peaceful block  within a struggling city deserves more people willing to speak up about violence. Community outrage and involvement is something he says needs to follow.

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki visited the scene Tuesday afternoon and issued an emotional statement that read in part:

“For many people it is hard to comprehend why these incidents happen, and yet for others, violence is an acceptable behavior, and that’s a very discomforting problem that all of us are going to have to solve.”

As of 11 p.m. Tuesday, police had not announced a suspect description or if any arrests were pending.

The boy’s mother has been released from the hospital.

Alexandria Hoff