PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia lawyer George Parry told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he would not be surprised if a racial element was a determining factor in the trial of Bill Cosby, who is facing charges of aggravated sexual assault, comparing his case with that of OJ Simpson.

“As black guys go, Bill Cosby has been one of the whitest. He was America’s dad on television and I just don’t see how that’s really going to play out. Although, surprisingly enough, OJ Simpson, who up until the time he faced charges, basically, had nothing to do with the black community and it was one of the aspects of his defense where the defense team that he put together immediately began transforming him in the public eye into a hero of the black community.”

Parry also surmised that prosecutors will have a harder time convincing female jurors of Cosby’s guilt based on testimony from his accusers than they will with male jurors.

“I think it cuts against the prosecution. In my experience, women jurors are much tougher on women victims or women witnesses than they are on men and men jurors tend to be more sympathetic.”