By Jim Melwert

DOYLESTOWN, PA (CBS) — Testimony has wrapped up in the case of a Bucks County man accused of raping six of the 11 former-Amish girls found living in his Feasterville home. Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday.

52-year-old Lee Kaplan is facing more than a dozen charges including rape of a child and statutory sexual assault.

The six girls each took the witness stand, the oldest now 19, the youngest nine years old, outlining sexual encounters.

The 18-year-old recalled when she was 7, Kaplan would assault her and her sister at the same time in the family home in Lancaster County.

“That’s a very hard thing for them to do, they did an amazing job and I just hope that we can get justice for them,” said prosecutor Kate Kohler.

The defense did not present any witnesses, instead pointing out during cross examination that five of the six girls did not come forward with allegations until an October meeting with their mother.

“I think it’s pretty obvious from the evidence that the Commonwealth has presented that at least a skeptical eye should be turned toward the testimony of those young ladies,” the defense said.

Kohler says no one told the girls what to say, other than the truth.

“They told the story the way that it happened, as hard as it was for them do, they did it,” she said.

If convicted, the 52-year-old Kaplan could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The mother and father of the girls both entered pleas to child endangerment and await sentencing.

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