Philadelphia (CBS) – Conservative author and columnist Michelle Malkin expressed her anger at comedian Kathy Griffin and her attorney, Lisa Bloom, following their press conference in which they blamed Donald Trump and his family for pushing to enhance the backlash against her after publishing images holding a severed head resembling Trump.

Malking, appearing on The Rich Zeoli Program on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, dismissed all of Griffin’s complaints and concerns.

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“Kathy Griffin threw out every card possible. She played the race card. She played the female card and…these women who are crying misogyny are a cause of misogyny and, as a woman, it makes my blood boil. I cringe at the sight and the sound of these women, somehow, blaming sexism or racism or any other ism for their own lack of any kind of moral decency.”

She also raged against Bloom, who is representing Griffin, for crossing moral and ethical lines.

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“This is a soulless bottom feeder and I really don’t know what else to say about Lisa Bloom, other than she is the bottom feeder on the bottom of the bottom feeder. That spectacle really reached a new low and crossed a new threshold for the 25, or so, years that I’ve been covering pop culture and politics.”

Malkin insisted that conservative critics of Barack Obama did not act as inappropriately as current critics of Trump are acting, or as those who protested against George W Bush.

“By and large, conservatives did not engage in this kind of behavior in a systemic way as so many in Hollywood and in the Democratic party are…People forget that there were posters that were paraded around DC of George W Bush’s bloody head decapitated.”

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