By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–A Philadelphia school principal continues to recover after police say he was attacked by a student when a fight broke out.

Cell phone footage taken around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday shows a fight that police say broke out between students at the Edwin Fitler Elementary School in Germantown and older students from nearby schools.

Fitler’s principal Anthious Boone  attempted to break it up.

“They kept coming up towards him. I mean what was he supposed to do? Leave his children? No principal is going to leave his children in harms way. You go down with your ship,” said Dr. Robin Cooper, president of Commonwealth Association of School Administrators Local 502.

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Cooper says Boone was taken down literally by a male student from another school and a heavy object.

“He was hit in the face with a brick,” said Cooper.

Among other injuries, Boone required 8 stitches to the eye.

Other videos from recent months show how such violent after school melees are becoming near commonplace.

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“There needs to be more of a presence at dismissal. It can’t just be left up, it can’t only be left up to the principal and the staff,” Copper said.

Aside from increased city assistance, Dr. Cooper is adamant that parents hold the power.

“Parents have to tell their children if they get out at 3 p.m. you should be home by 3:15 p.m. there should not be a span of time from 3 o’clock you come in at 5 o’clock,” she said. “They have to know where their children are because they are our children. Our children are doing this.”

Alexandria Hoff