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By Ian Bush

NEW JERSEY (CBS) — A boost for information security and efficiency: that’s what Governor Christie says will be the result of an executive order on technology he signed on Thursday.

The change could be quite conspicuous for some.

“I am tired of having each department have their own IT stuff. It makes no sense.”

When, Christie says, there’s already a state Office of Information Technology that manages and runs computer systems.

“And I know there’s not a cabinet officer I have who wants to give up any of their fiefdom. ‘What, you’re taking my Information Technology away? How many employees does that mean I’ll lose?’ Well, that means you’re going to lose some,” Christie said.

The governor’s office says the action isn’t about cutting anyone’s job; rather, it’s to consolidate IT and operations under the right roof.

For New Jersey’s private citizens, the governor says his action will better safeguard their personal information and make state services more accessible.

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