By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Final preparations are underway for a zanny relay that ushers in Philadelphia Beer Week.

The Olympics have the torch, but what does Philly Beer Week have?

It’s called the Hammer Of Glory or the “HOG” it is a sledgehammer, that also happens to be the symbol of beer week, that is used to open the first firkin at the opening tap event.

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William Reed is the Chairman of Philly Beer Week.

“We basically do a relay and bring the hammer from each bar to restaurant to brewery to all of our participants so at each stop when you receive the hammer then its your job to get it to the next place.” he said. “Usually it’s in a pretty colorful manner, like I personally have zipped lined out of the second floor of my bar, gone on a man sized Pogo stick with fireworks strapped to my leg.”

One year there was a car with a bear driving the HOG a portion of the way, the Philly roller girls and the mummers were among participants in the past.

There are about 30 establishment involved in the relay.

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The head of the HOG has been nickle plated this year for the 10th anniversary of Philly Beer Week.

It starts Thursday and runs for 10 days at various venues throughout the region.

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