PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–It’s probably one of the most iconic sounds you’ll hear on the Wildwood boardwalk in New Jersey: “Watch the tram car please.”

The sightseer’s tramcar made its debut in 1949.

By 1971, Wildwood local Floss Stingel lent her voice to the famous recording to clear the tram car’s path.

The yellow and blue tramcar takes passengers along the two-mile long Wildwood boardwalk.

And if you’ve been to Wildwood anytime between 1992 and today, you may have seen Gigi behind the wheel.

John Gigliati, a retired freight train conductor, spent the last 24 years driving the tramcar up and down the boards.

Tramcar service is available at all points along the boardwalk, from the beginning at Cresse Avenue to the end at 16th Avenue in North Wildwood.