3pm- 22 people were killed, and 59 were injured, after a suicide bomber attacked concert goers at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

3:05pm- President Trump responded to last night’s attack in Manchester, England. He called the people responsible for the attacks “evil losers.”

3:20pm- In the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, then President Barack Obama advocated for gun control when addressing the attack. President Trump struck a different tone when responding to last night’s attack in Manchester.

3:35pm- Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor at Conservative Review and author of “Stolen Sovereignty,” checks in to discuss the Trump administration’s newly proposed budget.

3:50pm- James Bond actor, Roger Moore, dies at age 89.

4pm- Ted Christian, PA State Director for the Donald Trump for President Campaign, joins the show to talk about how Trump’s presidential victory unfolded.

4:30pm- While being questioned by Rep. Adam Schiff, former FBI Director John Brennan denied being pressured by Donald Trump to drop any investigations into alleged ties between Russian officials and Trump campaign members.

4:45pm- Sen. Ben Sasse calls in to talk about his new book “The Vanishing American Adult.”

5:30pm- A witch claims to have cast a spell on Donald Trump. The spell is designed to prevent him from succeeding with his political agenda.

5:35pm- While appearing on CNN, Notre Dame students, who walked out of their graduation ceremony when Vice President Mike Pence began to speak, explained their decision and why the speech made them feel “unsafe.”

5:45pm- Comedian Jim Breuer calls in to talk about his show tonight at the Punch Line in Philadelphia.