By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Veterinary bills can be costly…and with the summer grilling and chilling season almost upon us, there’s a lot of trouble pets could get into. So how do you keep your pet safe and money in your wallet?

Summer barbecues and festivals are occasions when friends and families get together. Sometimes not everyone knows what may not be good for your pets, like grapes or onions, which are toxic to dogs. Chicken or rib bones and corn cobs can get lodged or cause internal damage.

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Elyse Cannon oversees claims at Newtown Square based Petplan Insurance.

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“The average cost of a foreign body surgery is $1,800,” she said, “but it can go up $3,500 depending on what happens and how expensive the complications might be from eating something they are not supposed to that is getting lodged in their intestines or their stomach.”

And keep your pet cool. The average cost to treat heat stoke is $2,615. And it’s a good idea to keep Fido on a leash. Loud noises like fireworks could cause he or she to bolt. Treating anxiety-related issues is around $400.

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“Talk to your veterinarian,” Cannon said. “See if there is some medication you can provide them.”