By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The generations gathered inside Electric Factory in Philadelphia Tuesday night for alt-rock architects the Pixies.

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From those who blared cassettes in college to those who borrowed their brother’s DVD copy of “Fight Club,” all lined up and rocked out to a no-nonsense set from Black Francis and company.

With flickering spaceship lighting, the Boston band spit out song after song furiously, pausing only for brief interludes of amplifier hiss and eerie effects.

On the road in support of their second album since getting back together, guitarist Joey Santiago spoke about the family feels of the band earlier in the day.

“It’s just magical,” explains Santiago, backstage at Electric Factory. “What we do is total chemistry. It just works.

“If we weren’t enjoying this we would be out of here, in a second.”

Back at home, there’s another family for Santiago who isn’t as easily impressed – two children who don’t dig dad’s tailored wardrobe and awesome band.

“They’re of that age where I can’t do anything right, that’s cool for them,” he jokes about his kids. Despite dad’s status in an iconic outfit, they rarely show their hand when it comes to liking the Pixies.

“My son who’s twelve pretends he doesn’t like it, but my 14-year-old gets it, just because now it’s that age where people are starting to get the Pixies, entering high school,” he said.

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The Pixies perform at the Electric Factory. (credit: Michael Cerio)

Taking the stage the day after the tragedy in Manchester, there was something new and unwelcomed creeping in the mind of music fans around the world. The senseless carnage at the England arena that left twenty-two dead was an unthinkable invasion into the safe space of live music.

For Santiago, it’s still hard to wrap his mind around it.

“I don’t want to make room for it my head” says Santiago says somberly. “I’m gonna try not to think about it, but it’s so tragic. And it’s senseless. And it’s mind-boggling.”

“The families that are hurting right now, it’s just too bad” he adds. “But you know, the show must go on. God. It’s just a shame.”

For the Pixies the show did go on, and it will continue this week with three shows in New York and a Late Show performance on Friday.

To hear much more from Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago, check out the full interview below or watch the video here.


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