PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – George Neumayr, the author of The Political Pope, reacted indifferently to Donald Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican but told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Francis and his supporters in the US are no friends of Trump.

“Today’s meeting was pretty inconsequential, I would say. It was a very innocuous meet and greet. It’s hard to discern any great meaning in this meeting. I don’t know, I don’t really take that much away from it. They both were pretty polite. I just don’t think that this is all that significant. But the real story…[is] how aggressively Pope Francis’ aides tried to undercut Donald Trump and tried to help Hillary Clinton. They were completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton. They were rooting for Trump to lose.”

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Neumayr stated the Pope’s tenure, so far, has been far more dogmatic that what he has seen from Trump.

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“Trump is very pragmatic and he’s flexible, whereas the Pope tends to be a very rigid left-wing ideologue. He is very committed to open borders. He’s very committed to climate change activism. He’s committed to abolishing, not only the death penalty but life time imprisonment, which is a position to the left of the Democratic party. No Democrat even takes that position. He’s very committed to his left-wing ideology, whereas Trump tends to be very pragmatic.”

He also criticized the Pope’s stances on many social and political issues.

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“This Pope is actually more interested in saving the planet than saving souls. He’s turned the Vatican into, almost, an annex of Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. He’s also been a great advocate for La Raza style open borders and, of course, he’s a strong voice for the global left in terms of promoting socialism.”