By Trang Do

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Philadelphia police are looking for two men involved in a possible abduction in the city’s East Falls section.

Investigators aren’t sure if the suspects and the victim know one another or if it was some kind of a road rage incident.

Police are going off of the account of one witness who said she stopped and pulled over when she saw two men fighting around 7:18 p.m. Monday, near the intersection of Roberts Avenue and Fox Street.

The witness told police she saw one man come out of a brown minivan. The man began beating up another man who came out of a black car.

The woman said a third person then opened up the van’s sliding door and the man who was winning the fight pushed the victim inside and continued to beat him up. The third person then jumped into the victim’s car and drove off.

“That’s when the person who was winning the fight, got into the driver’s side of the minivan with the victim still laying in the back, closed the side door and drove off, following the black vehicle,” said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The woman described the van driver as very tall, about 6’4, with a husky build, wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Police are hoping surveillance cameras nearby captured the fight and will provide additional details.