By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you live in the city, the Philadelphia Water Department wants to know what you think about your water.

A survey is being stuffed into May water bills, and the Philadelphia Water Department is urging residents to fill it out. There’s a prize if you do.

“And then they have a chance to win one of many one $100 gift cards,” said PWD spokeswoman Laura Copeland.

Copeland explains why it’s being done.

“We want to find out what people in Philadelphia think about, one, PWD, and two, the services that we provide,” she said.

Copeland says it will take less than five minutes to fill it out. The results will be tabulated by the University of Pennsylvania.

Among the questions being asked:

What are your drinking habits?


What do you think of service, construction site satisfaction and customer assistance?

You can also fill out the survey online.