By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—A new health trend is having dieters ditch low fat products.

Sarah Stubbs spent most of her life drinking skim or 2 percent milk, but switched to full fat milk after her son was born.

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“Whole milk lattes, whole just if I’m drinking a glass of milk, I’ll do whole milk with yogurt,” says Stubbs.

She says she always thought low fat milk was better for her health, but nutrition experts say there can be big health benefits to working full fat milk, yogurt and cheese into your diet.

“Even though there is more calories that fat is very satiating so it keeps people full for longer and they tend to not eat as much otherwise during the day,” said Alissa Rumsey, who’s a registered dietitian.

Studies also show the fat can slow down the body’s absorption of sugar, helping lower the risk of diabetes.

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Rumsey says it’s important to look at everything you eat before making the switch.

“For someone who is already consuming a lot of saturated fat, red meat products, a lot of animal fats and not so much of the good stuff I probably wouldn’t want to add in more saturated fat in that sense,” Rumsey said.

Stubbs says she’s enjoying the taste of whole milk.

“I like it, I’m probably going to stick with it,” she says.

She says she hasn’t noticed any weight gain.

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And you may have noticed full fat yogurts are also popping up on store shelves. Nutritionists say they can also be a healthier option since many low fat yogurts have more added sugar for taste.

Stephanie Stahl