PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Howard Eskin is the loudest Sam Hinkie detractor in Philadelphia, maybe the world.

But it’s not like him and Bryan Colangelo are best buds either.

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Eskin and Colangelo got into it a little bit on Wednesday, when the Sixers’ GM was addressing the media following Tuesday night’s draft lottery. Eskin asked about the likelihood of the Sixers’ top pick playing in this year’s summer league.

“Howard, you always ask questions that are really irrelevant to today,” Colangelo said.

Eskin had the chance to respond on Thursday’s 94WIP Midday Show, and respond he did. 

“He was out of line, he was totally out of line,” Eskin said. “First of all, it is relevant. People are tired of waiting to see players. He didn’t even answer the question. And it is relevant. He didn’t even answer any questions — he doesn’t know who the pick, he doesn’t whether he is gonna trade it. And I understand that, I get all that, but people want to see him play whoever it may be.

Listen: Howard Eskin on the 94WIP Midday Show


“Actually, it was a forerunner, I was setting him up for Ben Simmons — who has already said he’s not playing in the summer league, which is a joke anyway. So if the first round pick is gonna play, why wouldn’t Ben Simmons play? But it wasn’t an irrelevant question. It was joke. He was totally, totally out of line.”

Nevertheless, Eskin says he’s not offended.

“I know he’s better than that and I’m not offended,” Eskin said. “I really am not offended with him coming at me like that, because he was out of line not me.”

We’re still deciding whose side we’re on.