By Jim Melwert

NORRISOWN, Pa. (CBS) — The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office has released the findings of a 13-month grand jury investigation into the opioid epidemic.

“The largest public health crisis since the AIDS epidemic.”

Montgomery County DA Kevin Steele quoted testimony from before the grand jury, which put out six recommendations ranging from making more beds available for treatment to bringing back mandatory minimum sentences for dealers.

“To hopefully slow a tsunami of death that these drugs are creating,” Steele said.

Philadelphia attorney Tad Decker’s son died from a heroin overdose after getting addicted to painkillers. He recommends every parent and every government agency read this report:

“Because it really lays out the kinds of steps that are necessary,” Decker said.

Marissa Wadsworth’s also had a son die of an overdose.

“It’s like a living hell,” she said. “I wake up in the morning and in the beginning I think, was it a nightmare. Is he still here?”

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