ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va (CBS) –– Sugar-free gum may be your go-to for freshening up your breath, but for dogs, it can be deadly.

The Dalton family almost lost their 2-year-old lab Sookie earlier this month.

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She was found unconscious after eating a pack of sugar-free gum.

“She was completely non-responsive, drooling, eyes rolled to the back of her head. It looked really bad. It looked like she was not going to make it,” said Sookie’s owner, Katherine Dalton.

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Veterinarians say a sugar substitute called xylitol, found in many sugar-free products, is poisonous to dogs.

“She had one of the most severe signs, she was actually presented with active seizures,” said a veterinarian.

After receiving IV drips to flush out the toxin, Sookie has made a full recovery.