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In the world of entertainment and collectibles, purchasing vinyl records has become one of the most valued traditions in music culture.

We all have a friend who is overly passionate about collecting vinyl records; there is a particular type of old school vibe that revolves around these relics of a golden age of music.

There are many music lovers who prefer the more technological tradition and buy their music online, but according to the real connoisseurs, building a collection of vinyl records from scratch is the best way to gain music street cred. All those music legends who are no longer with us, deserve the honor of staying in the minds of generations in the cleanest and most classy way possible. That is, of course, a sweet vinyl record.

Whether it’s Jazz, Soul, or the good old Rock N’ Roll, you simply can’t go wrong with vinyl.

Vinyl Is A Form Of Art

Before we even get to the music, there’s artwork to behold; that is, of course, the wonderful world of vinyl album cover art. There are some albums that are adorned with the works of famous painters or sketch artists. This turned the entire vinyl record tradition into a whole new art form.

Today, the sales have dramatically increased compared to how the market was back in the 90’s. We know that collecting valuable heirlooms may make you feel like a geek, but in case you haven’t realized it by now, geek is the new cool.

Your Taste In Music Will Increase

Another reason why collecting vinyl is highly regarded as a cultural tradition is the time the music harkens back to.

People who grew up with their parents’ collection playing loudly in the house are far more exposed to an impressive variety of music genres that turn them into real music experts before they turn 30. Many of these individuals end up inheriting their parents’ collection and then pass it along to their children after that, and so on.

Buying Records Is A Whole Ritual

There’s no denying that we’re living in a world where most of our shopping is done online.  In most ways, it’s for the best. Shopping for anything becomes much more convenient when you can do it from the comfort and security of your own home.

However, there’s still something to be said for heading down to your local record store, and physically sifting through the stacks upon stacks of vinyl records for sale, finally reveling that one sleeve that you’ve spent months looking for.

That’s not to say that buying vinyl online isn’t worth it. Online vinyl stores boast a selection that brick and mortar stores just can’t touch.

Collecting Vinyl Can Make You Rich

Fun fact about MP3s: Once you buy it, they will not appreciate in value. Vinyl records, on the other hand…

There are original records from 60’s rock bands such as The Beatles, Pin Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and much more, that are worth millions of dollars in their first edition records. But it’s pretty safe to say that the owners of those records have no intention of parting with them any time soon.

Plus, owning the music in Mp3 form is far from being the same as actually owning an original first edition vinyl record of your favorite band. Just like it is with priceless comic books, learning to recognize when you are in front of a truly priceless vinyl record has become one of the most impressive skills for any music expert.

Vinyl Just Sounds Way Better

There’s a huge difference between listening to an MP3 and listening to a vinyl record. The textures of each sound become easier to comprehend and deconstruct when you are listening to it on this material which was made for music.

The difference between any other type of form is staggering. Even when there are still people who are convinced that vinyl is a dying art form, the truth is that this tradition is far from fading away. It’s only getting stronger as years go by and people learn to appreciate it more.

Vinyl records are a tradition that will be passed down for generations to come, even as new music formats continue to be developed. So pop down to your local records store and support this wonderful format.

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