PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A popular Facebook group page will soon be going “permanently dark.”

Jon Lyons made the announcement Monday about his nearly 9,000-member RUN215 page, saying it will go dark Tuesday, May 23. In a Facebook post, Lyons, the group’s founder, said it has become “unsustainable” in managing such a large page.

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“While this group was the root of RUN215, I truly believe that it has become something so much bigger than a Facebook Group. Surely there is SO much awesome stuff happening on the page, but it seems that more and more the content being posted is drifting so far from what the group page originally was – a resource for runners to connect with one another and uplift the community through positive support and engagement, not a “Yelp” for the running community. It is for this reason that on Tuesday, May 23 the RUN215 Group page will go permanently dark (the official page will remain),” Lyons wrote.

Lyons started the community page in 2014, with 300 members. Over the past three years, it has grown to 8,800 members.

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“I’m proud that the Facebook Group page was a crucial piece to the development of the Philly Running Community as a whole, but I truly believe this page has served its purpose. Our fitness scene is BOOMING, and it’s because of you! I encourage you to take those connections and keep supporting this amazing city and ALL of it’s (sic) health/fitness groups with the same passion you put behind RUN215,” Lyons said.

Lyons said that despite the Facebook page going dark, it will still continue as an official social channel of RUN215, and that RUN215’s Instagram, Twitter and website are still live.

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