By John McDevitt

WILDWOOD, NJ (CBS) — A popular dog park on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey is relocating.

A two story red fire hydrant, marks the spot of where the dog park used to be on the beach at poplar avenue and the boardwalk.

The fence has been removed and a hand written sign on a trash barrel remains which read in part “dog park closed and will be moving to another location”. But it didn’t say where, and that is causing some confusion with dog owners.

“Don’t know what happened they’re moving it that’s all I know,” said one local dog owner.

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We did some digging and found out nearby businesses owners who also owned the portion of beach where the park was situated were concerned that the activity may deter tourists. The park will be moving about a block or two south, to a city owned portion of the beach. Which will extend to the ocean

That’s something Isaac Ray who was splashing around in the water with his Labrador Retriever says is a great thing.

“He kind of got excited because he never been really on sand before and getting to go into the ocean he really had a fun time,” he said.

City officials say the new fenced in dog park should be opened in mid-June.