PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– There’s no clear sign of agreement among state lawmakers and the governor as the deadline to act on compliance with federal ‘Real ID’ requirements draws near.

Without action, Pennsylvania drivers licenses will not be valid to gain access to certain facilities in early June, and they won’t be valid for air travel come January.

The state Senate has already passed legislation to repeal a law prohibiting Pennsylvania’s compliance with federal “REAL ID” requirements, but last week, the House amended that bill and lawmakers are not in session again until a week from today.

Matthew Bradford is a Democrat from Montgomery County.

“Our legislative calendar dictates that without crazy gymnastics, the ability to obtain access to federal buildings will be in jeopardy within weeks,” said  Bradford.

House Republican majority leader Dave Reed says he believes lawmakers will get it done on time but a spokesman says Governor Wolf has concerns about the amendments to the Real ID bill.

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