PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–A state house committee has given its approval to a bill that could financially punish ‘sanctuary’ college and university campuses in Pennsylvania.

The bill approved by the House State Government Committee would prohibit any institution of higher learning in Pennsylvania that deems itself a “sanctuary campus” from receiving state funds. So far, at least two schools in the Philadelphia region have done so. Before the panel’s vote, Republican Jerry Knowles – the bill’s sponsor — sparred with Matthew Bradford of Montgomery County, the ranking democrat on the committee.

Bradford: “What is a ‘sanctuary campus�� to you?”

“A sanctuary campus would be a campus that is basically going to thumb their noses at the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and do what they damn well please,” says Knowles.

Bradford: “And you’re saying that’s what Penn and Swarthmore are currently doing?”

“I would say that they’ve indicated that that’s what they intend to do,” said Knowles.

Bradford derided the measure as unnecessary and as a “bill in search of headline.”