By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A once-familiar sales pitch is missing from the stands at Citizens Bank Park this season.

For years, beer vendor Tom McGee channeled his inner Brando as he hawked Stella Artois in the stands.

“Hey, Ice. Cold. Stellaaaaaaa!”

But this year, stadium concessionaire Aramark replaced Stella with Yuengling Lager in the seats. And McGee says Phillies fans have noticed.

“I get asked at least 25 times a game, ‘Where’s the Stella,'” McGee said. “The opening Sunday I walked around yelling, ‘Not Stella!’ — had a little fun with ’em.”

McGee, a vendor for at Citizens Bank Park for nine years, says he’s had to develop a new sales pitch.

“Yuengling LAGER!”

He says business is up, even if he can’t recreate Marlon Brando’s “Streetcar Named Desire” scene.

“It sells a little better,” McGee said. “But I don’t have as much fun with it.”

Aramark says you can still buy Stella at the ballpark — just not from vendors in the stands.