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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Tis the season for beer gardens and block parties in Philadelphia. In this week’s segment of What’s Cooking on 1060, KYW’s Hadas Kuznits tells you where you can drink outside.

Spruce Street Harbor Park, Independence Beer Garden and Uptown Beer Garden.

These are just some of Philadelphia’s seasonal beer gardens now open that luring people out for a drink , and Chris Fetfatzes, owner of Hawthorn’s Beer Cafe says the trend in craft beer is IPAs.

“An IPA is an India pale ale,” he said. “It is an ingredient in beer that makes the agent bitter, and an IPA is essentially a spice so the more spice you add to a food for instance, the flavor it gets and the same thing happens with a beer. But as there are many different spices, there are many different hops and so that can lend a very wide spectrum to what an IPA is.”

While beer is the go-to drink at beer gardens, Fetfatzes says wine is also picking up steam, and the demographic of those drinking it has changed.

“The trend for sure rose,” he said. “I mean there are events in which men are starting to drink more rose and there are events called ‘bro-ses.'”

Next week, folks can drink alfresco at the opening of Parks on Tap, a mobile beer garden across Philadelphia’s city parks and at the PHS Popup in University City. Meanwhile, Fetfatzes will host his 8th annual IPA, campaign and rose block party on July 1st.

“The entrance is at 11th and Fitzwater and it spans the entire 700 south block of 11th street which is from Fitzwater to Catherine.”

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