By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Norristown woman gets one year of house-arrest followed by four-years probation for the fatal stabbing of her stepfather.

24-year-old Shakira Hayward stabbed her step-father, Kenneth Bullock, in the back of his calf following an argument that started because Hayward felt he was tying up the bathroom.

Bullock, who was on blood thinners, drove himself to the hospital, but died from the wound.

Prosecutor Kristen Feden argued for state prison time.

“Words alone don’t provoke someone to pick up a bottle, or pick up a knife, and then pick up a second knife and then ultimately stab someone,” she said.

Hayward told the court she wants to try to teach people who are in abusive or volatile relationships that it’s okay to get help.

“She wants to let people to know what the signs and the symptoms are because she’s lived through it, and she also wants people to know that it’s okay to ask for help,” said Matt Quigg, Hayward’s attorney.

Quigg says his client lives with the guilt of her actions everyday. She was two months pregnant at the time of the stabbing, and now has a seven month old child.