By Lesley Van Arsdall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Back in January, when Penn State played USC in the Rose Bowl, one of James Franklin’s young daughters broke into tears when they lost.

The Nittany Lions head coach dropped to one knee, hugged her and carried her off in his arms.

So how does Franklin balance football and family?

While Penn State may be Big 10 champions, James Franklin is now in his fourth season as head coach and is focused on an even bigger trophy.

“We gave out the bowl rings at the spring game and I said these are wonderful, they are big fat nasty, but I want them to have all those experiences and the confidence that came from those experiences,” said Franklin. “But then say, OK, none of those touchdowns transfer, none of those points transfer, none of the wins transfer, we have to rebuild it.”

So how in the world do you balance family and football?

Franklin said, “To sit here and say I have balance in my life, I do not, this is all myself, my wife, and my kids know, so we think this is normal.”

“My daughters favorite thing in the world is when the football boys to come to the house for dinner and play and have fun. It’s just one of those deals where you have to embrace it all and everything that comes with it, and we’ve done that as a family,” Franklin added.

When Franklin first got to Penn State his children were 5 and 6-years-old, but do they kind of get how cool dad is?

“My older daughter Shola, she’s into sports, she’s really into it, she’s into the games, she kinda gets it and she’s starting to say things,” he said. “My youngest Addy, she could care less, she’s a techy. The one thing that my youngest will say when we go out to dinner she wants to put me on the inside of the booth because she doesn’t want people coming up [to them] the whole time. They are starting to get kind of aware of it, but for me I don’t want them to see me that way, I want them to view me as dad.”

Something tells me “dad” is going to be just fine, while football is huge at Penn State Franklin clearly puts family first.