By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Widener University law school professor is suggesting we may be on the verge of a Constitutional crisis in the wake of the President Trump’s dismissal of the FBI director James Comey.

Widener law professor John Culhane, a Constitutional scholar, suggests President Trump’s next move could be crucial in avoiding a crisis between the Executive and Legislative branches, especially with regard to the Russia probe.

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“If President Trump appoints someone to the FBI who then either shuts the investigation down or compromises it in some way, at that point you would need someone with prosecutorial authority to sort of step in and do what the FBI is supposed to be doing,” he said.

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Culhane says there’s no more special prosecutor law on the books, but an independent counsel could be appointed by the attorney general. That’s what Democrats are calling for.

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“Most people who are over a certain age immediately thought of Watergate, it means Tuesday night massacre rather than a Saturday night massacre,” he said.