By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–It was the overbooked bump seen round the world.

A United passenger on April 9 was injured while being forced off an oversold Chicago flight.

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Since then, American Airlines announced it was shrinking its seats, Spirit canceled more than 300 flights because of a pilot dispute and two passengers on a Southwest fight decided to turn the cabin into a fight club.

Spirit Airlines Cancels Flight, Passenger Brawl Breaks Out

“It’s a very different world there now. It’s a more harsh environment for people to fly,” said Aviation attorney Arthur Wolk.

He says despite these highly publicized issues, airlines try their best to please their customers. A new independent survey shows passenger satisfaction is at an all-time high.

“I think the information is valid. I think U.S. carriers try really really hard to satisfy their customers,” said Wolk.

“Yeah. I like flying. Flying is good, in the right conditions,” said Everton Haye.

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Stacia Lewandowski says, “I do. I like to fly.”

Passengers Get Into Fistfight Aboard Southwest Flight

 For passengers we spoke with, enjoying a flight means being on one which is on time and didn’t have too many bumps in the air.

“Bumping is one of the most upsetting things that could happen to a passenger,” Wolk said.


According the recent Federal Aviation Administration statistics, airlines actually have reduced that number despite these highly publicized incidents.

Read more on the study HERE.

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