LaQuisha S. Anthony (“Quisha”) has devoted her professional life to empowering women and young people to reach their full potential, achieve their goals as well as empowering those who have been affected by all forms of violence to find their voice. LaQuisha Anthony has an amazing story to tell that is full of its share of pain, hurt, abuse, abandonment, and an intensive battle with childhood sexual abuse and campus sexual assault. It is also full of triumph, unwavering faith, victory, success and helping others to overcome. The gifts that lie on the inside of her are what makes her stunning. Her outward appearance has nothing on the selflessness that she displays through the work that she does with her sexual abuse survivors’ network, Victory Over Inconceivable Cowardly Experiences (V.O.I.C.E), and the community alike. LaQuisha has been in the field of education; counseling & therapeutic services & motivational speaking for over 9 years yet accepted Gods vision to start V.O.I.C.E in 2014.

She is a contracted education and training Specialist at Women Organized Against Rape & former educator at Alliance for Progress Charter School. She serves as Vice President of the Board for Battle 4 Children’s Charities, Co-Director of Mother’s In Charge 1000 Women for 1000 girls mentoring group and an avid volunteer for several organizations. She manages to do this all while leading V.O.I.C.E and a highly skilled team that works to educate youth and adults about violence prevention and to help in changing societal views that reinforce negative attitudes concerning sexual crimes as well empower those affected to find their voice. In addition, she and her colleagues offer trainings on violence prevention to community and professional organizations.

LaQuisha is making some major noise all across the city of Philadelphia through her organization. V.O.I.C.E. is a network whose mission is to eliminate the silence that surrounds sexual violence through uniting survivors and empowering those who are affected by sexual violence through education, awareness and self-discovery. They are committed to connecting with survivors, family, friends and the community. Their goal is to develop and encourage the voice of these individuals, while removing the stigma that often accompanies being a victim of sexual violence, Intimate partner Violence, Domestic violence, and any other inconceivable cowardly act. These forms of violence are not only affecting the victim but also those individuals who are connected to the victim. Their commitment allows a victim and their support system to lift their voices without shame.

She has been called upon to speak at Women Organized Against Rape’s Annual Bridge of Courage Awards. She is currently featured in a movie entitled “Touched” where she shares her story of rape and molestation. The movie’s producer is being pursued by major production companies who want to take the production national. She was also recently featured on an episode The Naked Truth: The Number Game on The national network Fusion. She is a phenomenal woman of courage who serves her community & church diligently. She is the go to person for any congregant’s issue with sexual violence or domestic violence. She literally raises her voice by being the leader for sexual abuse and domestic violence awareness and advocacy across Philadelphia and the Tri State area.