By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Forty-thousand runners took a 10-mile journey through Philadelphia for the 38th Broad Street Run.

The anticipation was over with the sound of the horn. The largest 10-mile run in the country got going on a crisp Sunday morning.

“It’s a little chilly but it’s not too bad,” said Cheryl, making her sixth trip down Broad Street. “It’s not raining like last year so that’s a good thing.”

In the meantime, others like Anthony were just getting started.

“I did a New Year’s resolution starting January 1st. I entered the lottery and got picked,” he said. “And 10 weeks later I’m at the starting line, so it’s been quite a journey.”

There were some butterflies — but Anthony says overall he feels better than ever.

“I’m breathing better now. I’m off my blood pressure medication,” he said. “It really has opened up a lot of doors for me.”

His goal: just finish and then look to taking part in the Philadelphia Half Marathon in the fall.

So what helps get runners through the race? For many, it’s the cheers along the way.

“The crowd gives a lot of energy,” said Stephen. “It’s really cool running past all the landmarks and it just gets better and better as you go farther.”

And you can’t forget about volunteers like Toni, who help make the Broad Street Run the institution that it is.

“I’m from Philadelphia,” she said, “and that just gives me more encouragement to make our city better and make it the best race ever.”