By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia could get a third agency to promote tourism, under a city council bill introduced on Thursday.

Philadelphia already has the Convention and Visitors bureau and Visit Philly, and yet, Councilman Derek Green says, when the NBA pulled the all-star game out of North Carolina, the city had no one to jump on the opportunity.

“We really didn’t have the resources to try to pull together dollars to try to bring the all-star game here,” said Green.

Green introduced a bill that would create a new business district, but it would be citywide and would consist of any hotel with 50 or more rooms.

It would be funded by a fee added to hotel room charges.

“We worked with the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association on this initiative to get their support, and also to put together something that would work for them as well as the city to help grow this industry.

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