PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – White House adviser Sebastian Gorka told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the Trump administration would still like to see further congressional investigations into Hillary Clinton’s handling of State Department email, saying that if any other government employee acted similarly, they would likely be sent to prison.

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“We have these trend lines, we have these snippets of information, we have these patterns and we have separation of powers in this nation, so we would like to see the duly mandated committees, the Congressional bodies, investigate all of these already reported incidents. As somebody who worked for six and a half years in the Defense Department, if I had put one classified email, at the level of the SSCI, on to my private email system or sent to somebody that didn’t have the clearance, not only would I have lost my job, I probably would have been prosecuted, and rightly so, and probably ended up in jail for doing that. That would’ve been one email. In the case of Hillary Clinton, we know she did that with more than 100 classified pieces of information.”

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He continued to express his concern over leaks regarding the unmasking by the intelligence community of former Director of National Security, Michael Flynn.

“There clearly is a trend. There is a fact pattern with regards to how the last White House managed the tools of the most powerful intelligence community in the world, the whole unmasking issue, the fact that, General Mike Flynn, a US individual’s identity was revealed, which in itself is a felonious activity, unmasking that person’s identity is such a way that, without a clearance, a journalist, could use that. There are indications that there is a politicization of leaks. There was, under the last administration, a politicization of intelligence. That’s very, very unhealthy for any democracy, even a republic like America.”

Gorka also discussed relations with North Korea, specifically whether Trump would formally negotiate with Kim Jong-un after publicly praising him earlier this week.

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“We have a very dangerous situation with regards to Korea ballistic missile testing and nuclear weapons. That has to be resolved. The idea that you can’t resolve that or you shouldn’t resolve that or that you can resolve that without communicating with the person whose finger is on the button, that’s nonsensical. Of course, it is right, whatever his moral turpitude, this is an individual who is formidable. That’s not a compliment in the sense that he’s a democrat or he’s a nice person, but as a head of state of a Stalinist like regime, that is a formidable individual.”