By Meisha Johnson

ARDMORE, Pa. (CBS) — A woman from Ardmore has inspired so many people, not just through her words, but from her actions.

Alice Dustin, 74, has always had a will to “do it all” and from the perspective of many, she has.

Alice, a Harvard grad with a PhD in French, is a mother of two and an award-winning painter.

She says since the age of three, if she wanted to do something, she’d “just do it.”

As if schooling, artistry, being a mother and everything else life demands isn’t enough, Alice says she’s always found inspiration in the small things around her, and she then turned them into hobbies.

For example, in her 60s, Alice was inspired by a picture of a younger woman on a trapeze. So she grabbed a piece of canvas, painted the woman, and then went into her basement and hung her very own trapeze.

She has also learned Judo, she juggles, rides a unicycle, does aerial-like sports, and she says she is just going to keep going.

Alice’s attitude is we only get one shot, so why not?

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