6am- Congress seems to have reached a deal that would fund the government through September, avoiding a potential government shutdown.

6:35am- What’s Trending: House of Cards is returning at the end of May; celebrities wore some of their most interesting outfits at the 2017 Met Gala; Kelly Ripa announced her new co-host will be Ryan Seacrest.

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6:45am- President Trump got annoyed with John Dickerson after having been pressed repeatedly over his opinion of Barack Obama’s use of government surveillance. 

7am- 1,000 Philadelphia teachers protested during school hours in an effort to receive a new contract. 

7:05am- A Downingtown assistant principal has been placed on paid leave following a spat with teens over an anti-abortion demonstration.

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7:15am- Salena Zito, CNN contributor and Washington Examiner columnist, joins the show to discuss remarks Trump made about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War during an interview she conducted.

7:30am- Ann Coulter appeared on yesterday’s episode of The View.

8am- Kurt Schlichter, author and senior columnist for TownHall.com, checks in to talk about his new article “100 Days of the #Resistance’s Humiliating Failures.”

8:20am- David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, calls in to discuss his new book, “Giving it All Away…And Getting it All Back Again.”

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8:35am- What’s Trending: Animal Adventure Park has decided to name it’s baby giraffe Tajiri; Made in America will be back in Philadelphia; Fyre Festival is being sued for $100 million.