DOVER, Del. (CBS) — A bill has been introduced in the Delaware House of Representatives that would allow terminally ill patients to use medication to end their lives.

House Bill 160 includes counseling, physician’s evaluations and a waiting period before the medication could be provided.

Child Pinned Under Headstone In Delaware County

The Delaware End of Life Options Act is sponsored by Democratic Rep. Paul Baumbach of the 23rd District.

“This is a very delicate matter, which requires great sensitivity and care. The sensitivity of this issue, however, should not prevent us from addressing and discussing the need for this legislation,” Baumbach said in a statement. “This is an issue about allowing adults facing a terminal illness to make critical decisions about their life. Many people in the last stages of life wish to retain their dignity, including the ability to make decisions regarding their life and their suffering.”

The bill has been assigned to the House Health and Human Development Committee.