By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Amtrak has announced repair work that will begin this summer at Penn Station in New York City, and it’s expected to have an impact on all commuters coming in and out of the station.

The original plan was to have repair work done on weekends over the next few years, but after a few incidents in the past month, that work will now be accelerated and done in the span of a few months.

With a number of tracks and platforms taken out of service, Amtrak CEO Wick Moorman says delays and service disruptions are going to happen.

“There are going to be some tracks closed during some week days. Doesn’t mean that there’s going to be lots of tracks closed every week day for extended periods of time, and part of our goal is to make sure we minimize that.”

Moorman says exact details of the impact these repairs will have on commuters isn’t known, but he says Amtrak will do it’s best to make sure that information is communicated with customers early and often.

The repair work at Penn Station will be done on weekdays and weekends during the summer, but should be contained to just weekends by September.