3pm- Since Trump took office, illegal border crossings are down 61%.

3:10pm- Will President Trump’s new tax plan slash the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15 %? 

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3:25pm- According to new statistics from the Wall Street Journal, the average amount of college debt that students graduates with is over $30,000. 

3:35pm- Former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest talked about what red lines would need to be crossed in order for Barack Obama to speak out publicly against President Trump.

3:50pm- Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says that a pot raid over the weekend was over the top and that Marijuana should be legalized in the city. 

4pm- Shaneen Allen and attorney Michelle Christian join the show to discuss the proposed National 2nd Amendment Reciprocity Act which would enable gun owners with conceal carry permits to cross state lines without fear of penalty. 

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4:40pm- Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the administration’s goal is to end illegal immigration and to promote legal immigration. 

5pm- Naweed Tahmas, Vice President of the U.C. Berkeley College Republicans, and his attorney, Krista Lee Baughman, join the show to discuss the college’s handling of Ann Coulter’s cancelled speaking engagement.

5:20pm- While on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Caitlyn Jenner explained why she is a Republican. 

5:25pm- During a conference in Germany, the audience groaned as Ivanka Trump explained how her father was a champion for women’s rights. 

5:35pm- Three ISIS members were killed by stampeding wild boars in Iraq.

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5:40pm- A judge in California has blocked President Trump’s executive order to with hold federal funding from sanctuary cities.