By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Coffee is the daily go-to beverage for many people.

Its popularity is apparent with all of the different ways a “cup of joe” is enjoyed these days.

In West Chester, a pair of brothers are stepping of the coffee game with a local batch of cold brew coffee.

Peloton Coldbrew Coffee Company was started by Adam and Dave Jones a little while back when Adam felt the need for a jolt!

“I was living in New York and I was drinking a lot of Red Bull at the time. And I went out to a bodega one night and got a cold brew coffee and thought to myself, ‘man this is really good I could actually drink this stuff.’ So I went home and started brewing it and my roommates fell in love,” said Adam Jones.

Cold brew is a process of brewing coffee that never involves heat. Adam and Dave steep their beans in cold water for 24 hours! The result?

Freshly brewed coffee that can be enjoyed hot, cold, or however you take it!

“We use an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans which is just a really good high quality bean with a little bit of a medium dark roast. It’s got these really good chocolatey tones with a nice little fruity finish, so you get a little blueberry in there.”

“We’re in 56 Whole Foods now, we’re actually in the White House and The Pentagon which is pretty insane through one of our distributors,” said Adam.

With two flavors in production the original and mighty maple!

Vittoria Woodill