By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the 14th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select:


wipmockdraft ray didi1 Eagles First Round Mock Draft

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14 members of the CBS Philadelphia family made their picks, selecting their “guy” for the Eagles at 14 overall. Here are their explanations:

Angelo Cataldi94WIP Morning Show – Christian McCaffrey because Ed Rendell is endorsing him and I always do what the Governor tells me to do.

Rhea Hughes94WIP Morning Show – Anybody but Charles Harris!

Al Morganti94WIP Morning Show – Christian McCaffrey because he can be a wide receiver or a back. He’s a great weapon for Wentz and he’ll take over the Sproles role.

Joe DeCamara94WIP Midday Show – It’s impossible to pick right now without knowing who is on the board when the Eagles pick at 14. With that said, I’m extremely intrigued by Reuben Foster, if he’s available. He’s a ferocious linebacker who would set the temp for this franchise for years to come.

Jon Ritchie94WIP Midday Show – Christian McCaffrey because he can morph between a tailback and a wide receiver on a play-by-play basis. The defense can’t be right.

Chris Carlin94WIP Carlin & Reese Show – Gareon Conley is a perfect match of a need and value. He will be better than Marshon Lattimore.

Ike Reese94WIP Carlin & Reese Show – If Christian McCaffrey is available at 14, the Eagles should sprint the card up there. He’s a top-five player.

Jon Marks94WIP Evening Show – I would trade back and get the best player available for an additional second round draft pick.

Joe Giglio94WIP – Christian McCaffrey. The pick that completes the offense around Carson Wentz. Spreading defenses out with Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz — with McCaffrey in the backfield — would give Wentz options, and opposing coordinators nightmares.

Howard Eskin94WIP – Best player available. You can’t worry about position because in the end, whoever you draft — if he’s the right player — will be valuable to this team during his tenure.

Glen Macnow94WIP – Gareon Conley. Sometimes the obvious answer turns out to be the best answer. The Eagles need a cornerback (or three). Gareon Conley of Ohio State held the opposition to a 13.6 QB rating when the ball was thrown his way last year. He’s likely the best available at Pick 14, so here’s hoping the Eagles make the smart move.

Ray Didinger, 94WIP – Derek Barnett. Originally, I picked Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster but with the diluted urine sample at the combine and the red flags that come with it, I’m going in another direction. I’ll take defensive end Derek Barnett from Tennessee. The Eagles need cornerbacks but there is enough depth at that position I think you can get a good one later. The Eagles can’t afford to pass up a blue chip pass rusher like Barnett.

Don BellCBS 3 – Gareon Conley. Very few teams are boxed into a corner (pun intended) like the Eagles. Because of the massive holes in their defensive backfield, Ohio State corner Garson Conley will be the pick. That’s if they don’t trade up…. stay tuned.

BennettToday’s 96.5 – Gareon Conley. Let’s sure up the back end of the defense with this talented kid from Ohio St. Conley would be a nice compliment to their free agent pick up, Patrick Robinson.


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McCaffrey’s name popped up the most, five times, while Conley was the second most popular choice.

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