After wandering the Delaware Valley for two months enjoying meatballs made of beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, eggplant and even some vegan soy concoction, I’d figured I’d seen it all. Then I heard that this fun Greek spot on Sansom served “Octokeftedes,” which translates to “octopus balls.” (Insert your own cheap joke here).

So, why not? For $9, you get three golf-balled sized crispy octopus meatballs, accompanied by an olive salad and topped with lemon aioli. They look like crab cakes and, to be honest, they taste mostly like crab cakes. Finishes with a fishy aftertaste. And for me, at least, they were missing the best aspect of octopus, which is the chewy texture.

Opa also has a meatball sandwich, called “Beef Keftedes,” a Greek spin on the subject. You get three flattened meatballs on a tasty six-inch zaatar roll, seasoned with red pepper aioli, crispy shallots and metsovone cheese. Pleasant enough, but rather bland. Verdict: Inoffensive, but not memorable.

Score: 73/100

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