By Rich Zeoli

                Rich Zeoli Show Log 4-21-17

3 PM–Anne Coulter and  her issues with UC Berkeley and changing the date of her speaking engagement

3:05 PM– Trump trying to overhaul the tax code on Friday with help from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

3:50 PM– Rich may visit UC Berkeley  to support Ann Coulter

4:20 PM– Rich talks with James Wright about his book “Enduring Vietnam: An American Generation and Its War”

4:31 PM– President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke today about the Tax code and fixing it.

4:39 PM– President Trump denies Exxon permission to drill in Russia

4:48  PM– Rep. Maxine Waters and how she feels about President Trump.

5 PM– Rich talk with Harmeet Dhillon, The lawyer representing the College Republicans at Berkeley trying to bring Ann Coulter to speak at their college

5:12 PM– Jeff Sessions stands by his remarks about Hawaii

5:40 PM– The View talks about Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent at the White House




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